@brain is committed to carrying out, on its own and on others account, activities anyhow related to the field of Information & Communication Technology



  • Technologies for sending selective and personalized informational and / or advertising messages
  • Technologies for mobile social and cooperative interaction with georeferencing support

Applications and Demos:



Under development


  • @Congress: Web application for managing conferences that integrates advanced methods for automatic assignment of reviewers, the management of rooms and the automatic generation of the conference web site.
  • OfficeApps: tool that integrates different management applications, including:
    • @rchive. Document management with personalized views from their abstract placement on physical file system.
    • @Biblio. Management, indexing and categorization of document collections with specific support for libraries.
    • ImAgES. Management for real estate agencies based on an expert system, with automatic publication on the website of real estate ads.
    • @accountant. Management for accountants that integrates tools for the automatic matching between the accounting information.